Dr. Maninderpal Dhillon

Maninderpal Singh Dhillon D.O. is a Psychiatrist that graduated from Michigan State University Residency Program and practices Psychiatry in Michigan. He completed his undergraduate training and medical school training at Michigan State University too. He was a chief resident during his third year and attended Tarrytown Conference in New York.

Dr. Dhillon treats adult patients and is dedicated to helping individuals with a full individualized diagnostic examination geared towards integrating evidence based psychopharmacology or psychotherapy to the patient needs.  He works with all mental health including depression disorders, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, bipolar disorders, psychosis disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, and ADHD. 

Maninderpal Singh Dhillon D.O. has experience in community health settings, private practice settings, partial hospitalizations, along with inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations. The variety of settings have given him the opportunity to work with people from many different backgrounds.